The Hidden Value of Self-Care

Any transition, even the simple, intentional, quiet ones can be hard.

And then there are the big, not-what-I-want, I-didn’t-choose-this, fear-filled, soul-shaking, foundation-crumbling transitions.

Ultimately, the only way we make it through any transition, big or small, chosen or not, is in the placing-of-one-foot-in-front-of-the other, step-by-step, breath-by-breath, meeting of the moment. Can’t bypass it, can’t avoid it, can’t pretend it’s not happening – though all of those options can sound so wonderfully inviting.

In order to navigate well through transitions, self-care becomes exceptionally important but it also becomes less valued and/or, often, forgotten. But let me be clear, here. This has less to do with you (although I very much value your wellbeing and health) than it has to do with our world.

The obvious value of self-care is that we feel better. We feel more full, more available, more ready to meet life as it is. We are taken care of. We are healthy. We are rested. We are inspired. We are supported. We are engaged.

But the hidden value of self-care is that because we are more available, more able to meet life on life’s terms, we are able to show up in greater ways, with more energy, more power, and more potential. We can think more clearly, stand more strongly, be more courageous. We can not only do this for ourselves but we can do it for others. And we can do it with a deeper sense of connectedness and compassion; with kindness and gentle fierceness; with the capability to hold in our hearts what we know to be true.

I encourage you to find small ways, every day, to take care of yourself. Take a break from social media, sit outside for a few moments and, in whatever way you can, experience the natural world, move your body, listen for quiet, hug the people you love, feed your spiritual self, have coffee with someone who grounds you or inspires you, laugh…

Take care of yourself. The world needs the fullest-you right now.

April 17, 2021


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