As a certified coach, I thrive on connecting with people, seeing and hearing what challenges them, and helping to facilitate their process of understanding what is keeping them from experiencing what they want most in life. 

Having been through my fair share of difficult life circumstances, internal turmoil, as well as incredibly rich and beautiful life experiences, I have always sought out answers to the big life questions. 

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Drawn to philosophy, exploring the edges of life, and with the wish to understand the nature of suffering I started exploring the physical practice of yoga in my early 20's followed by a many-year immersion into the inner work of both yoga and meditation. After teaching yoga and meditation for 18+ years, the path of coaching unfolded as a necessary and obvious next step in supporting people in finding their way to happier, more meaningful and connected lives.

Ellie is a certified Life Coach, M.Ed., and EYRT-500.

Designed for individuals looking for a supportive, dynamic community in which to explore navigating this amazing, complex thing we call life. These ongoing group programs are a unique blend of learning, inquiry, conscious self-discovery, coaching, supportive accountability, and empowerment.

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I view the practices of yoga and meditation primarily as an opportunity to drop into the full experience of the moment through attention and awareness and, through that presence, to experience the fullness of life. These practices offer practitioners a way to take care of their entire selves (physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically) allowing them to be more balanced, strong, healthy, alive, and present and to bring those qualities into all aspects of their lives.

I teach balanced and mindful vinyasa flow classes that focus on breath awareness, attention to alignment, and cultivating the quality of acceptance. My teaching often touches on the rich aspects of yogic philosophy and the spiritual aim of connecting with who we are at our essence. I aim to create a supportive learning environment where students get curious about themselves, begin to see their habitual patterns of doing, and wish to create change from within.  

At this time, all of my classes are recorded and can be found in my digital Resource Library. Practice when you can, where you can, and as you are.

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