I was someone who had, for many years, scoffed at the idea of my life needing "coaching." I didn't understand the role of a life coach and thought it was all about doling out advice I didn't feel I needed. I was so very wrong on every level. At the recommendation of a family member who knows and loves Ellie, I sought her out for guidance around some deeply personal and artistic challenges I was facing. Ellie is the Jedi master of her profession. She is intuitive, sensitive, and funny. She made sure she had a clear idea of my concerns, then guided me through exercises designed to help me tap into my own intuition and wisdom. I immediately budgeted several sessions with her and continue to reach out when I feel I could use her guidance. Our sessions always strike just the right balance between insightful, sincere, and, at times, light-hearted. She is always professional and always compassionate. I walk away from each session feeling like I have been given a huge gift. I can't say enough good things about Ellie; she is clearly practicing what she was born to do, and my life is better for it.

{AP, Author; Writing Teacher, Coach and Workshop Facilitator}

I've had experiences with coaching before, but this was the first time that it was good. Ellie has a natural talent for coaching. She used tangible tools and methods to lead me through the process and I was impressed with what we worked through in such a short time.

{Holly Gordon, Programs and Operations Manager, HandsOn Greater Richmond}

I chose to work with Ellie after considering several coaches. Her intuitive style and immediate results made me continue working with her past the first session. With Ellie, I've discovered several techniques that are effective both in my business and personal life. I've been most surprised by Ellie's ability to identify patterns that I was unable to see on my own.

{Anne Parmer, Chief Operating Officer}

Ellie has been an incredible light in my yoga practice for a few years and became my mentor in my advanced teacher training program. You can tell that Ellie embodies what she teaches. She is honest, clear, direct and funny! Ellie has a way of breaking down the complex and making it simple so that everybody gets it. I truly appreciate that as a yogi because so many people are confused or have some fantasized idea of what yoga is. Because she uses precise language, her students are immersed into their yoga in a way that they can carry it off their mats and into their day-to-day lives. I highly recommend Ellie to be a teacher, mentor or guide in any measure. You will not regret it.

{Sierra Garrett, Yoga Teacher}

I was struggling in a dark place both at home with my family and in my work environment. My director suggested that I seek outside support to figure out how to move forward. I saw a notice about Ellie having some spots opening and decided to take a chance on her after reading other testimonials and having known her through other networks. Ellie sent me some prompts before meeting with me and, from that moment, I knew I had made the right decision both in seeking support and in choosing Ellie as a Life Coach. Ellie helped me to begin to wake up to things in my life that I'd been hiding from or creating illusions around. She helped me dig into and get underneath so much of what was actually creating difficulty in my life. She helped me name both my fears and also identify my longing and vision for another way to be. I employ techniques that Ellis has shared with me EVERYDAY for big and small things and when I do, I can feel not only myself but the people around me open up to new ways, new ideas, new paths forward. 

 {QW, Programs and Services Manager}

Feeling unhappy about a particular situation for over 10 years, I knew I needed a change. Having Ellie as a Life Coach has made a great change in my life! She help me get a clear vision about what the problem was and what I needed to to to make the change. She worked with me on ideas to facilitate those changes. Ellie's guidance and professionalism has been a tremendous help to me. I am no longer feeling stuck. I am happy, relaxed and an all around better person today. 

{RW, Small Business Owner}

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